Chainmaille Pot Scrub / Grill Cleaner

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A durable and effective grill scrubber.

Made from stainless steel in a chainmaille mesh, these scrubbers are effective on the toughest build up. The ring has been welded together to ensure the durability while scrubbing your grill down. The handy large ring gives a perfect spot to hang the scrubber from to dry.

Also great as a potato scrubber and for removing scales off of fish. Very effective to wash out the annoying last bits of food in glass jars and bottles. Just place into the jar with soap and water and then swirl the jar.

Make sure to work on a cool surface as the metal will heat up if used on a hot surface. To get a really good scrub going be sure to have a cloth between your hand and the Chainmaille Scrubber. The Chainmaille Scrubber is abrasive so it not suitable on any surface with a protective coating, such as crockery glazes and Teflon pans. 

Size: 20cm x 20cm.