Decadently Delicious Chocolate Sauce

Decadently Delicious Chocolate Sauce

I have fond memories of the old Choc Ice for my ice-cream.

I began to wonder if I could replicate this at home. I started to look around for Chocolate sauces. I love making a Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding and the sauce it has is made from just brown sugar, baking cocoa and water. 

This made me begin to wonder. How about I try making the sauce without the pudding? 

I rummaged in the pantry and pulled out my baking cocoa and brown sugar. I grabbed equal parts of each and an equal amount of water. Put them all in a pot and heated. 

It came out as a good start, tasty and rich, but it didn't thicken like I wanted. What would make it harden?

Then it came to me! Coconut Oil! It is a solid at room temperature and melts easily. I mixed in some and found that is needed more. Once I felt I had it right I poured it onto ice-cream and watched it harden. The thing is, that it didn't harden completely. It became more like a fudge. 

Oh my god it was delicious. I started to look at how to adapt it. Fresh mint or Coffee Liqueur. Maybe melt chocolate in it. Rose petals to add a Turkish delight flavour. So many things to play with. Going to even try it with our Crackling Rub to make a smokey salted chocolate sauce. 

Go and check out the recipe here: Sauce 02: Simple & Tasty Chocolate Sauce 

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